Tipo 3

The Tipo 3 Calcium Carbonate is obtained from calciferous marble, which we exctract from the ancient “Cava Reale Marmorera”(in Valdieri, CN), and is being treated in the establishment close to the mine.

Visual aspect

White-gray sand.

Areas of use

Feed supplements.
Flux for the production of glass.
Premixed plasters.


Declaration of performance (DoP)
The DoP in force can be downloaded, for the previous versions contact the offices at +39 0171 97 167.

Chemical gradeCaCO398/99%
Hardness (Mohs)3
Moisture< 0,2 %
Ca O54,4(± 0,5)
Mg O1,14(± 0,3)
Fe2 O30,02(± 0,01)
Si O20,35(± 0,05)
PF44,3(± 0,5)
<0,710<= 25