About us

“Carbocalcio Cuneese S.p.A.” has been working a marble mine in the ancient “Cava Reale Marmorea” since 1975, from which high purity marble is extracted and manufactures a set of products with different granulometry in its closeby treating-plant.

The Company supplies its products to various customers operating in different branches:

Building trade – inactive materials for mortars, plasters, paintings, floorings, cement

Zootechny – fodder, functional foods

Agricolture – calcium contribution as a soil conditioner for land

Industry – glass and fiber, compounds, pigments and varnishes, paper, asphalt filler

Ecology – waters and fumes de-acidifiers

The average production amounts to approximately 120.000 tons per year


The mine is opencast, materials are extracted through the use of explosives, with a well of revenue and crushing underground.

The field is quite large, and provides a crystal-clear limestone; because of its color the end products present a high white degree.

The extracted material is transported through the well of revenue to the group of primary crushing in the basement and sent to the factory with conveyor tunnel.


The grinding and rating processes are carried out in a modern establishment. Thanks to the most up-to-date technologies we can grant quality and consistency.

Our internal laboratories can provide our customers with any kind of technical information needed, and are also able to provide chemical and granulometric analysis.


Our products range from granules to micronized materials. We offer a wide range of intermediate products.

Our products are available for distribution and delivery in big bags, in 24 Kg bags packaged in 1500 Kg pallets, or , if loose , delivered with tanker-trucks.


We carry out our activities with full respect for the environment and contribute to protecting and restoring green areas.